1. cheat_master30

    A2 Hosting Down for a Week, Seemingly Infected with Malware

    Well, this is a fine mess said company got themselves into. Basically, they've been down for days after what seems like a malware infection on their Windows servers. What's more, it seems like said infection may have been caused by ransomware of some kind, since customers have been reporting...
  2. LeadCrow

    Webhost NAYANA hit by ransomware

    A korean webhosting named NAYANA had its Linux systems breached and locked down with a ransomware. The hackers demanded 1 million dollars to be paid in Bitcoin, most of which it did. According to reports, the company was running really ancient software with known security vulnerabilities (its...
  3. R0binHood

    XenForo Unity Game Forum Hacked

    http://www.securityweek.com/unity-game-engine-forum-hacked https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/05/01/unity-forum-hack-update/ So are they saying certain user(s) passwords were compromised or guessed and that's how they gained XF and server access? If so, it doesn't sound like a XF issue, but...
  4. King G

    simple machines forum theoretically hacked questions

    if my simple machines forum hosted on 000webhost gets hacked. is it likely that my macbook pro laptop will get malware installed onto it. I have avast runnning on my computer. thanks
  5. LeadCrow

    UbuntuForums got breached... again

    Notice of security breach on Ubuntu Forums 15 July 2016, by Jane Silber
  6. marcgo15

    Webhostingtalk Hacked

    http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1584028 Just a heads up for anyone using the same password/email on any other forums. So far none of the staff have confirmed anything or how access to the database was gained.
  7. Gringostyles

    What happened to Hari?

    What happened to Hari? :hmm::hmm::hmm:
  8. torquewrench

    VBulletin 5 vs comparable software

    I've been researching forum software for weeks, and after finally settling on VBulletin 5 after seeing a layout I really liked on a Honda Acccord forum, access to the site today was crashed by a hacker... A few questions: Is the software vulnerable because of its popularity? Is there a...
  9. Dakoom

    vBulletin.com Forums Hacked

    http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/ Hacked By Coldzer0 well... happy hackerween!
  10. LeadCrow

    000webhost hacked: 13 million accounts + passwords dumped

    13 Million Passwords Appear To Have Leaked From This Free Web Host 28 October 2015 Full story on Forbes. 000webhost updated their Facebook page with a statement.
  11. BrandonSheley

    Most Android phones can be hacked with one text

    Found this on cnet tonight..