getting started

  1. Matthew S

    Forums in controversial niches

    I'm considering starting a forum in a niche that could potentially be controversial. The main topic would be one thing which in itself should be uncontroversial, but it skates along the edge of topics that will undoubtedly attract trolls and shouty type people. Should I bother? What is your...
  2. anhy123

    How did you get your forum off the ground

    Now most people have probably realized that a forum is very difficult to build up. Especially if you have under 100 members. Even if you have a 1,000 or more members it's probably difficult to get people to join. Especially if you're going against other already established forums that have tens...
  3. bomb

    How to kickstart an educational forum amidst Covid-19?

    Hi Admins, I have taken a leap of faith and started an educational forum. It is supposed to bring together all students in Universities and colleges in my country and abroad. Url: We all understand that my target age group are mostly unfamiliar with the power/advantages that...
  4. DigNap15

    Starting a forum is very hard - drop outs

    Hi Guys I have had my forum running for 6 weeks now After an intial big surge in members it has settled down a bit now But I can see why so many forums disappaear after a few months There is so much to learn and do. Eg I just had a dream to start a forum to provide a service and outlet for my...
  5. DigNap15

    Limiting guests viewing to make them sign up?

    Hi My forum has about 900 members, and during the day I nearly always have about 20 to 30 Guests. Myabe half are bots, but the other half must be viewers or lurkers, or potential members. I am getting 4 or 5 new members every day One of my members suggests that I limit the forums that guests can...
  6. Ashley S

    Looking at creating a General Discussion forum

    Hello all, I am looking at creating a new Discussion Forum yes I know there's a lot of them out there and a lot of them are dead communities. I had one a few years a go which I let go when work got in the way but now I am self-employed and have spare time on my hands so I've decided to create a...