1. \o/

    Using Google Fonts violates the GDPR

    The District Court of Munich has decided - the text is in German, but I guess you should find a way to translate it into your favorite other language - that using Google Fonts on your website violates the GDPR as it inevitably shares personal data (= IP addresses) with Google which, and I quote...
  2. U

    Checking if my forum comply with GDPR

    I would like to know, how I can check if my forum comply with GDPR, example, if a user is not able to delete own account is that breach of GDPR ?
  3. Alpha1

    No one is opening those emails about privacy updates, and marketers are getting nervous

    The GDPR requires companies to send emails to people on their mailing list who have never bought anything, asking permission to keep emailing them. Most Americans are not opening those emails, and some are using them to unsubscribe. As a result, some email marketers stand to lose 80 percent of...
  4. PurpleGemz

    GDPR and Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)

    On my forum -- I have always remained the position that: What a member posts is theirs and the content isn't ours. We do not sell, or distribute or re-post their content in any shape or form. They have the ability to make their profiles set: to themselves, 'friends', members or 'public', they...
  5. Alpha1

    Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in lawsuits on day one of GDPR

    On the first day of GDPR enforcement, Facebook and Google have been hit with a raft of lawsuits accusing the companies of coercing users into sharing personal data. The lawsuits, which seek to fine Facebook 3.9 billion and Google 3.7 billion euro (roughly $8.8 billion in dollars), were filed by...
  6. Shin Ryoku

    XenForo and GDPR-related issues for those of us who use Adsense, newsletters, etc

    For those of us using XenForo and trying to comply with the GDPR, I have a few questions. Hoping we can help one another with this. First of all, the latest XenForo updates include some nice features to help us comply with the GDPR...
  7. The Sandman

    TAZ updated to comply with GDPR

    We've updated to the latest version of XF which means among other things that members are required to signify acceptance of our Privacy Policy and TOS/Rules. This is necessary in order to comply with GDPR. Thanks to XenForo for this update which makes it easy for forum owners (and relatively...
  8. zappaDPJ

    vBulletin and GDPR

    I'm starting to think GDPR might be the final nail in the vb4/5 coffin. There are still a lot of forum owners running those versions. What have you been able to do to comply with GDPR other than update your policies?
  9. M

    How Invision Community can help with your GDPR complaince

    We've put together a blog entry answering common GDPR questions we've seen over the past month or so. Hope this helps clear up some of the worry you may have been having!
  10. \o/

    Blocking EU users as a service

    Hilarious, actually: Don't spend thousands on legal fees to make your site GDPR-compliant. If you aren't targeting EU users, simply use GDPR Shield to block all traffic from the EU
  11. gConverter

    GDPR Ready Forum Softwares

    Greetings! We're working with people who want us to migration their forum softwares to another (target forum software). During last two weeks, we're getting lots of questions related to GDPR compliance of target forum software. People want to know if their choice is correct for new epoch of the...
  12. Maddox

    Basic Privacy Policy Template for GDPR

    Below is a basic privacy policy template to help you to get started in complying with the GDPR. I believe that it covers all of the basics, but if anyone finds something lacking please post a copy of what you believe should be added. This template is directed at forum owners - other website...
  13. R0binHood

    Privacy Policy Generator and other tools for ensuring GDPR Compliance

    I was creating a new facebook social login for a wordpress site yesterday and they now require you to post a link to a privacy policy when you create the facebook app. A quick google and I came across a site called iubneda, which helped me to create a very basic one for free, which is all I...
  14. Alpha1

    Does the GDPR block you from installing unaudited addons?

    As webmaster we install free and paid addons. Most webmasters are not able to audit the code of these addons, so its a matter of blind faith. Most admins are not able to do the required due diligence. Addons could include backdoors, callbacks, malicious scripts. Or they can be coded in a bad...
  15. Maddox

    Social Plugins - do they comply with the new GDPR

    It's going to one of those times when lots of things are going to come under scrutiny when this new act comes into play. I've just been checking the documents on my hosts site when this unknown little bugger showed its face. It's long winded but it is a must read...
  16. Shin Ryoku

    GDPR - What does it mean for the forum owner?

    See: It seems like all or most of us with forums that include EU members or guests will have to comply with the GPDR. I am unclear whether this means that we will have to delete all a...