1. tokyoice

    FTP Client for Mac OS?

    Hey all, I've been using Fetch FTP (fetchsoftworks.com) since around 06, 07 - I love it - works like a treat. Unfortunately, it is now starting to run a little bit slow, and every time I open, I receive an error stating that the software is not optimised for the Mac. Also, I read somewhere that...
  2. M

    IIS FTP - Cyberduck

    I'm new to the site here and this is my first post, Hello Everybody! Just started working for a company as a second IT admin (my partner is in Korea for the week to see his family) when and am learning the network. One thing am wondering at the moment is one guy needs access to FTP on his make...
  3. Maxxamillion

    Other Mobile FTP app

    Does anyone here use a mobile ftp app? I looked to see if FileZilla had one but they do not to my surprise and was wondering if anyone could recommend a safe and trustworthy one for iOS Thanks