1. Jason5

    Start with free or paid forum software?

    If you are going to start a project (either for fun or serious) what forum software you will go with? Will it be a free forum software to get started and paid or will it be Paid when starting? Now i have started with free and if i am really serious or see a good growth i will move to paid...
  2. andieandie

    AdminAndie from Staysia's Spot here! Shared, Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller Post2Host

    Hello! I have been browsing this forum for years now but just recently started my own web hosting business. I realized that all the web hosts that used to offer post2host were gone, and I think 2019 deserves to have it back! I am currently looking for ways to promote my hosting, especially...
  3. Banxix

    NameCheap now provide free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection

    It surprised me today when I read news from email that NameCheap WhoisGuard Privacy Protection is now free - forever. Maybe charging $2.88 a year do not bring well profit anymore so they decide to make a move to attract more customers, like myself...
  4. SeanFace101

    Anyone used their LinkedIn £50 Free Ads?

    Has anyone used the £50 free ad coupon for advertising on LinkedIn? I keep getting an email from LinkedIn saying i can use use but i dont know how to.
  5. Threadloom

    Sponsored Free online course on forum search by ex-Google engineers

    Hi- I wanted to invite folks to check out our free 1-month email course on forum search. Our team of ex-Google and Microsoft engineers makes a forum site search engine, and we made this course to help folks understand how important site search is for forums, and how to use it to grow your...
  6. CarpCharacin

    Free ssl certificates

    There are some websites offering free SSL certificates. Is it for real, or is it a scam?
  7. CandyDeFrance

    Nonprofit member management software ?

    Hello, I work as a volunteer for nonprofit organizations. One of them manages its members online :memberships, membership fees, accounting, mass mailings... But I definitely don't trust the website (I don't have any access to the database, the thing is really obsolete and the site is often...