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  1. Steve Freides

    Comparing Different Forum Software Platforms

    I have admin'ed a XF forum since 2015. Before that, the same forum used WP's forum software, which was very much not up to the task. I also admin a bunch of Facebook groups for the same I see a note that Invision is hiring, and it makes me ask for an overview of what the forum software...
  2. P

    Which Community Forums Software / Platform

    We are trying to start Community Forums in our company. The company makes high-tech products and wants to use forums to support customers. We could use help in suggestions on which forum software or platform we should use. Among the candidates are: Vanilla, Khoros, Discourse, Verint, Zendesk...
  3. MagicalAzareal

    Gosora - Supremely fast forum software

    I'm back here after I dunno four years, I can't remember, my perception of time is too awful. See my introduction thread for more details on who I am. I've been experimenting with Go, big thanks to Euan for pointing that language out and I threw together a bug tracker which morphed into a custom...
  4. Shawn Gossman

    Fork you, Forum!

    For you fork developers out there... What drives yo to create a forum software by forking a developed forum software? I mean I figure if you can fork a software, you most likely have what it takes to create a forum software from scratch that you can create to your every need. Why start off from...
  5. iuchewie

    Time To Change Software... But Which To Choose?

    Apologies for what I can only imagine is yet another "which software is best" topic. Our community just celebrated our 10th anniversary and we've got upwards of 28,000 members with 4.3 or 4.4 millions posts. We do not allow members to create new topics (save for within a couple of forums) but...
  6. Gary

    Suggestion Flarum added to Forum Software category

    Hi guys! I just thought I'd take the time to request the addition of Flarum to the Forum Software category of TAZ. I understand that it is only still in its beta stages but there is a lot of potential gleaming from development and I'm sure it's going to be a huge hit to the forum world upon its...
  7. meetdilip

    Best Forum Software in your opinion

    This thread is not a debate thread but an attempt to stop numerous which is the best free forum software. There will be a poll for you to vote. But if you cannot resist postings post Pros and Cons only as in format below