forum marketing

  1. Shawn Gossman

    The best and the worst way to get new members?

    Thinking about your own message forum experience, what single most best option have you used to get new members to join your forum in terms of marketing and promotion? With that being said, what has been the single most worst option you have used that has failed to give you new members?
  2. Shawn Gossman

    Bait and switch methods of generating traffic...

    How do you all feel about using 'bait and switch' methods of gaining forum traffic and membership? Sure, the practice could be seen as wrong but so can signature links on other forums and even paid advertising. I like to experiment with different techniques. I experimented with 'bait and switch'...
  3. Shawn Gossman

    Do you strategically plan for each marketing method?

    Twitter... Facebook... Google Plus... Getting backlinks... SEO... Etc... Do you strategically plan for each method of marketing your forum? Do you have a plan for Twitter and then another plan for another form of marketing for your forum? Do you think creating specific plans for specific...