1. Zelda

    R.I.P. FluxBB (official release)

    FluxBB was a fork of PunBB created by its developers after Andersson left the project in April 2008. The developers felt that forking was necessary to maintain control over the development process without the influence of commercial interests. As with PunBB, it is released under the GNU General...
  2. Lugh

    FluxBB with Sub-forums

    FluxBB has been great for my tiny private forum for the past few years. Now I have a need for sub-forums, which FLuxBB doesn't have. I'm looking for advice on the best way to go. 1. I tried daris' sub-forum https://github.com/daris/fluxbb-sub-forum mod, but it didn't work--gave an error that it...
  3. Gary

    FluxBB 1.5.9 released

    I thought I'd do the honours in announcing the latest version from the 9 November 2015 which hasn't been posted yet. Today marks the release of version 1.5.9 of the FluxBB forum software. Due to two security-relevant bug fixes, this release only contains bug fixes. Improvements that were...
  4. lol12345

    Who is using FluxBB?

    Hello guys, I've just seen this awesome software and I am going to install it soon. I have some questions to the owners of FluxBB :)