1. deslocotoco

    Just suggested to XenForo to modernize his social features, like the creation of user clubs/communities inside our Forum. It's time to a big upgrade!

    Well, I'm opening this thread just to inform our fellow XenForo administrators. I opened the thread in the XF official Forum, my main points to defend this feature are there...
  2. ibaker

    Sick of IPS Support

    I am so sick and tired of IPS Support...they are in my opinion one step off useless as they don't read support posts and today is a pure genius of an example of their arrogance and contempt against their customers Simply i was advising them of a fault ON THEIR OWN SITE I have just now created...
  3. Matt M

    Want to test drive Invision Community 4.5?

    While we put the finishing touches to a few features, we have set up a preview site so you can test out the new features, leave your feedback and make a note of any bugs you spot. Head over now to the Invision Community Alpha test site. Please be aware that this test site is running in...
  4. Oblivion Knight

    Selling XenCentral Feedback System (Branding Free)

    Product information: XenCentral Feedback System 2 License purchased: 21/04/19 (updates for 1 year) Total cost: €89,99 (£81.22) Selling for: £65.00
  5. LukeH

    Is it worth it?

    Good Morning all, I was looking at the prospect of learning to code with PHP and MySQL, with the intention of creating addons for forums. From looking around (mainly in the Xenforo forum, which is the system I currently use/favor) the general consensus is that most developers can't/don't make a...
  6. SeanFace101

    Question I can create a Promotion Zone new thread

    I am not able to create a new thread in the Promotion Zone forum. :P How do i do it? Can someone let me know please? Thanks
  7. M

    XenForo or Vanilla or SMF? Please help me choose the right forum based on plugin availability

    I am looking for forum software that would allow me to: 0. automatically create profiles using social connect (Facebook, Google, Twitter, OpenID) 1. admin - create templates for certain items which then users may trade, buy or sell (externally - the forum is only for them to connect, not to...
  8. M

    Forum Feedback

    Hi! I started a forum at the end of May 2016 and made some progress but I guess I am expecting instant results when these things take time. Can you guys look over the site and provide feedback?
  9. marvchristensen

    Website Feedback

    I have just finished working on a website for a Las Vegas Urologist. Everything is o.k. it's been paid for and the client is stoked on the design. He is insistent on having that silly stock photo right on the front page. There is a picture on a golfer and and people jumping around happy with the...