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  1. deslocotoco

    XenForo Cloud Beta - Share Your Experience If You Are The Lucky One

    Hello fellow XF owners! Our beloved Chris D posted today this follow update on the Official XF Forum: Unfortunately I'm not in the first batch of selected people who won the Golden Ticket from Mr. Willy Wonka to join the first tests. If anyone here won the Golden Ticket and have the purpose...
  2. Matt M

    Invision Community 4.6.0 Beta 1 released

    Hey all, I thought I'd pop in and let you know that 4.6.0 is available for testing. This release has hundreds of bug fixes, and a handful of brand new features such as: Achievements Web app and Push notifications Anonymous Posting when posting as a member Highlight Topics with replies from...
  3. deslocotoco

    Just suggested to XenForo to modernize his social features, like the creation of user clubs/communities inside our Forum. It's time to a big upgrade!

    Well, I'm opening this thread just to inform our fellow XenForo administrators. I opened the thread in the XF official Forum, my main points to defend this feature are there...
  4. Abizaga


    So my forum had a point of high activity recebtly hitting over 4200 posts. Problem is that I have around 2000 posts... My problem is if it looks really bad to have me have a bit under half the posts... what should I do? Start purging my own posts? Have I gotten past a point of no return? Should...
  5. Cyburbia

    Straight Dope Message Board moving from vBulletin 3.8.7 to ... Discourse?

    The Straight Dope Message Board is a "legacy forum" -- online for over 20 years, and one of the longest-established big boards. After starting off with UBB, the site switched to vBulletin a few years later. It's been running nearly stock vB 3.8.7 for close to a decade. Over the past two...
  6. T

    Best Way to Shut Down XF Forum

    Hi All, Unfortunately the IR Forum that I had built is just kind of a Flop, and while I've tried everything I know it's Just not an enjoyable adventure any longer. I never intended this to be a money maker but truly thought that it would be a great place for people that Shoot IR would gather...
  7. tony45

    Invision Community iOS & Android Apps: Open Beta!

    iOS & Android Apps: Open Beta Since we announced native Invision Community apps for iOS and Android, the response has been incredible. Hundreds of customers registered interest in joining the testing process, and for the initial round we selected around thirty users, roughly split between iOS...
  8. TrixieTang

    WoltLab Suite 5.2 Preview is now live

  9. kawaii

    MyBB 1.9 Editor Discussion Poll

    Hello! Over at the MyBB Community forums we're having a discussion (with poll) regarding the editor to use in our upcoming 1.9 release. I just wanted to draw attention from any MyBB users here at TAZ if you'd be interested in joining the debate. :)
  10. TrixieTang

    Burning Board 4.1 Demo

    Announcement thread: