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  1. SaN-DeeP

    Domain Name(s) What tlds do you register alongwith .com .net .org and country specific tlds for your domain names ?

    Interested to know what other tlds you register alongwith .com .net .org and country specific tld for your domain names ? If you are running your site on .com or country specific tld do you really require other tlds ?
  2. D

    Is the name of a sitcom copy right protected for a domain name?

    I want to start a new forum about one of my favorite sitcoms. Can I use its name a domain or is that copyright protected? For example or etc. Does anyone know if that is allowed, or it is considered as a copyright infringement? Thanks.
  3. DigNap15

    Webhost, Domain and Email server on same company?

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this, you can of course move it. But I would like to know if TAZ members think it is best to have your web-hostings, domain name and email server all with the same company. I am thinking from the point of view of ease of set up and maybe moving hosts...
  4. J

    VPS Domain not directing properly/being rejected by server?

    I help out with a forum with their own server, and somehow along the way we've apparently managed to make a pretty mess of things. It'd been working normally for several months, but around Monday, the domain ceased directing traffic to the forum page. The IP address for the site and server...
  5. Gladius

    Selling, .net, .org, .biz, .info for sale

    I'm selling these 5 domains as a set: The domain name is a pun on Xanadu, so that's an idea for a context that they could be used in. Obviously the key benefit here is that you secure all the major TLDs at once. I bought the lot in...
  6. King G

    How to make my website appear right under a competitor website

    Hi so my forum is about youtubepoops. (youtube videos consisting of prexisting media edited in order distort or make really confusing/silly) So I want my website to appear right under (another youtubepoop site) when i google youchew or youtubepoop forums. Is this legal? My forum...
  7. bRionZ

    Domain Name(s) Need Appraisal and Ideas for

    Since I buy this domain name, I just don't know the real value's and for what it will be better to do with this name. I need an advice, please come here guru... Thanks before.
  8. Shawn Gossman

    Domains registered close to your domain name...

    What would you do if another person registered a domain name that was closely appearing like your own? For example, the domain name that you use might be and someone registers How would you respond to this? How about if they made a forum just like yours using...
  9. PoetJC

    Domain Name(s) Personal Political Blog Domain options...

    So - I've been blogging lately. Short, hard-hitting opinion pieces on American politics of the day. I've got a great idea for a personal blog domain. With the onset of so many TLD options, though, the choice is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. So help please!!! The domain name...