1. iAdam


    Anyone here using discourse for managing a community? I see that it's now quiet popular: https://trends.builtwith.com/websitelist/Discourse I'm considering using it, but want to hear from you guys :)
  2. C

    Discourse Announces $20m Series A Investment

    Discourse Announces $20m Series A Investment by Pace Capital and First Round Capital More here: https://blog.discourse.org/2021/08/discourse-series-a
  3. MagicalAzareal

    Trusted Flaggers

    Trusted flaggers are individuals whose reports are granted greater weight than that of a regular reporter. Their reports may be prioritised, or in some cases, their reports may directly result in posts being hidden away, until a moderator reviews their report. Discourse has a trusted flagger...
  4. Cyburbia

    Straight Dope Message Board moving from vBulletin 3.8.7 to ... Discourse?

    The Straight Dope Message Board is a "legacy forum" -- online for over 20 years, and one of the longest-established big boards. After starting off with UBB, the site switched to vBulletin a few years later. It's been running nearly stock vB 3.8.7 for close to a decade. Over the past two...
  5. baconfist

    Thinking about moving from vBulletin to Discourse

    I am thinking about moving from vBulletin to Discourse as I feel as time has changed and how forums are utilized it was time to move to something that better integrates with other media. I am not under the illusion that this will jump start my forums, but other things like the Discord channel...
  6. tekboi

    Downsizing. Looking for Simple Message Board Solution.

    I run a small gaming community and have been using Xenforo for a few years now. And while it's great and we had plenty of fun using it, the usage of the forums has died completely. A while back, we started utilizing Discord as a primary way of communication and now most of the members groan and...
  7. rafalp

    Github selects Lithium to run its community forums, Discourse dev is none too pleased

    Few months back Github has launched community forums for their site, available here: https://github.community/ The surprising or perhaps shocking revelation was that instead of going with one of popular open source solutions, or perhaps developing one themselves, instead Github has decided to...
  8. R0binHood

    Discourse is growing rapidly into the WordPress of online communities

    Prompted by this thread on XF.com I started researching more into discourse this afternoon and I'm quite impressed with what I've been reading. Here's what I wrote in the that thread to begin with, and then after I had done some more research along with a few extra thoughts I had when creating...
  9. Digital Doctor

    Differences between Discourse and Xenforo / vBulletin / WBB / other forum software

    So I've been interested in the content on a particular discourse install and it is essentially the first time I've experienced Discourse in depth and not "just looking and clicking around in it". I should have logged my thoughts as they happened, but I'll try to recall the positives and...
  10. Dr.Who

    Setup a Discourse Forum / Email in 15min

    Setup a Discourse Forum / Email in 15min I didn't time it exactly (probably should have done that! ;) ), but this is just a simple and fast way to setup a Discourse forum. :) This tutorial is designed for people who don't know much, but it does assume a few things: You know some basic...
  11. CarpCharacin

    Why do people use discourse?

    It seems like discourse is fairly popular. My question s, why do people use it? I would test it out if I could, but it requires a server or VPS with 1gb of ram. It needs a lot of ram. Why does it need so much ram? Why do people use it if it is so resource heavy?
  12. S

    What would your dream forum have in it?

    I'm toying around with the idea of creating a new forum from the ground up... very community focused, and able to bring users back into the fold by continuing to be on the site and engaged with it. I've used IPB extensively for years, and am now looking at Discourse a lot, but its complexity for...
  13. VICE

    Discourse on Android

    For unknown reason, I can't post the question in this thread, no matter how many time I tried; https://theadminzone.com/threads/piwik-is-now-on-discourse.137857/ Either a bug or that certain users are unable to post on certain sections. In any case, I'll just post my question here: tomk How do...
  14. 2

    Best free Forum software for next project ?

    Could anyone advise me what would be the Best modern free Forum software for next project ? Would like something that will work with wordpress. I've come across discourse mybb 2.0 nodebb bbpress