1. Study Force

    Thoughts on my top poster's block

    Inspired by the one found on, I figured it was time to add a Top Poster's block as well. Please let me know what your thoughts are and what I can do to improve it. You can see an example here (found on the left) I was...
  2. JohnFound

    Design experiment - how the forum should look in console browser...

    ... if the console browsers rendered HTML properly. At least partially:!skincookie/Terminal I have made this skin as an experiment, after some disappointing experience with text mode console browsers like links, elinks, lynx, etc.
  3. Freelancer

    Customizing/Styling XF2 – Easy or a Challenge?

    I just completed my first Design Job for a young XF Admin with a XF2 Forum and I wanted to hear some XF2 admins how your experiences / endeavors have gone so far with "styling" and really customizing your XF2 Forums (not just changing a button color please...). Was it fun? Was it challenging...
  4. A

    Best software for designing websites?

    I use brackets for the web designing. It is easy but takes time. Is there any best alternative?
  5. Pooosia

    Designing a website

    Hi to all! I was always wondering how do people with little knowledge of design can do a good web design of their pages. When I was creating my website I was trying to learn something to do that but the result was no so good as I wanted and expected. Is it possible to do a good design without...
  6. DeMoN100

    Seeking Seeking GFX Lovers

    Name of site (and/or forum): Chome Link to forum: Genre: Graphics Total number of posts the forum has received:0 Paid Position: No How do you wish to be contacted: ( This is for a friend of mine who does not have an account on this forum. Here is a...
  7. envira

    Other TeslaGame Responsive MyBB Theme Bundle Pack for 1.8x MyBB (Light & Dark) [paid]

    Hello guys, First of all, we thank you guys for making our themes a big hit among all users of MyBB. The latest TeslaGame series have received a lot of applause among the fellow users and we wanted it to dress more forums of MyBB. This theme is a 100% complete responsive theme that fits all...
  8. Namoh

    [Feedback] Some Artwork

    This is some work I did a while ago. Personally I think some of them are better than the others.
  9. Drastic

    Pixel Exit = three thumbs up

    Thanks Russ for the awesome custom style on our main site. Very happy with how it turned out. Site is in signature if you want to see it.
  10. Namoh

    Domain Suggestions

    Hey, Would love to get some help coming up with a good name for a community dedicated to coding/programming and design. I'd prefer .com domains. I always struggle with this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Namoh

    Color Combinations

    Hello, I would like to know what color combinations you like, prefer or think is most liked by people visiting a community. For example what colors, how many colors do you think is accepted to have, what type of colors should dominate the design and what color should complement it. Thanks
  12. Namoh

    [Feedback] vBulletin Bootstrap Style

    This is a vBulletin style based on Bootstrap. The majority of vBulletin's own style code has been recoded. It has some nice JS features added to it to make everything cleaner. There are still some minor fixes I need to apply. You can see it live here. Let me know what you think.
  13. Namoh

    Found/Closed Partner

    Form for REQUESTING staff Name of site (and/or forum): N/A -Will be decided with partner Link to forum: N/A Genre: Coding, Programming, Design, Gaming (one or more of these, can be discussed) Forum Software: vB4/phpBB Total number of posts the forum has received: 0 Seeking...
  14. marvchristensen

    Website Feedback

    I have just finished working on a website for a Las Vegas Urologist. Everything is o.k. it's been paid for and the client is stoked on the design. He is insistent on having that silly stock photo right on the front page. There is a picture on a golfer and and people jumping around happy with the...
  15. K

    Feedback on forum style/theme!

    Hey guys recently made a forum and i need some feedback regarding my theme! SCREENSHOTS - Website -