1. R0binHood

    Nginx Russian police raid NGINX Moscow. Rambler Group file a copyright violation and claim code ownership Interesting article, worth reading the whole thing. Any thoughts on how it could potentially affect the project as a whole going forward considering so many web servers rely on it?
  2. Karll

    Removing an image from Google Images

    I had a photo of an acquaintance and their name up on a web page for a number of years. The person recently contacted me and asked if I could please remove the photo (for very legitimate reasons). So I have now removed the photo. However, Google Images still "remembers". It has a full-sized...
  3. G

    can i claim copyright

    (us law) not to get political but i am an LGBTQ activist. and i want a rainbow for my site logo that says LGBTQ pride. if i draw it in gimp can i claim copright its just i see it everywhere tattoos parades.
  4. Anonymous

    Legality of an Anime Streaming Site?

    You know as of the last couple of years, I've been watching more and more anime. One of favorites of all time is DBZ, so of course the new Dragon Ball Super is right up my alley as an example... But then I realized, the places where I watch these things are privately owned sites with embedded...
  5. JordanH

    XenForo Copyright Removal

    So 99% of the time, I buy copyright removal on any plugins and such. I normally would create a dedicated "credits" page in the help section displaying copyright to all addons and themes even if I had bought copyright removal or not. I like to show support for developers. I just not a fan of...