1. W

    Price hike, no more ticket support - enough signals from Invision

    The announcement of a price hike combined with no more ticket support is reason enough for me to reconsider my strategy. I rarely need ticket support, I usually solve the problems myself. But having no ticket support for a software is simply a no-go for me. And having a newsletter that tries to...
  2. DigNap15

    What do you think of the BigTech Crackdown

    What do you think of the BigTech Crackdown (Don't get political) But Amazon removing their web hosting from Parler is really bad (with 2 days notice) And I have heard of a domain name company removing the domain name of a gun club This is scary stuff that could affect any of us
  3. M

    Invision power services is pulling a fast one on their customers

    Pay more get less. Thats IPS new business model since version 4.5. Some of you probably already know but i have not been using IPS for quite some time. Well i decided to start a new website in 2021 and found that IPS is the best software for the job. Xenforo is also very nice but for this...
  4. B

    Why there is so much animosity about IPB on TAZ?

    This is something that I have noticed for a long time btw. I was wondering as to why is that? It looks like Taz is playing favorites here by placing xf over all the other forums. Should someone not prise xf here, they get muted and even banned in some cases. Whereas if people go over board by...
  5. Nabix

    After 10 years, I'm done with IPS

    The direction in which Invision has decided to take with their software has left me with no other option but to seek other venues unfortunately. I will most likely be switching over to Xenforo because of the availability of support and access to 3rd party developers. With the recent changes at...
  6. haqzore

    Tapatalk pulled from Google Play app store. Been almost a week now & still gone. Could be nothing, could be something?
  7. R0binHood

    Reddit, a $500M company, seem to be soliciting free translations for their internationalisation

    I just came across this. It seems like Reddit are trying to solicit free translation work from their users as a part of their efforts to internationalise and populate their software phrase system. As a result, it seems like many of the volunteers are teenagers looking to contribute. Some as...
  8. SaN-DeeP

    Vbulletin Dead ?? No rich resources/mods available.. Upgrades Costing too...

    Is Vbulletin really dead ?? Cannot find right support, right resources for custom upgrades like used to be on 2.x to 3.x phase.. Nothing left moving 100s+ forums to another software script... Ty.
  9. MagicalAzareal

    Facebook and Mailchimp sued over sex trafficking (FOSTA) Even Mailchimp...? Wow.
  10. Matthew S

    Forums in controversial niches

    I'm considering starting a forum in a niche that could potentially be controversial. The main topic would be one thing which in itself should be uncontroversial, but it skates along the edge of topics that will undoubtedly attract trolls and shouty type people. Should I bother? What is your...
  11. Joeychgo

    New Amazon Affiliate Rates -- Time to look elsewhere

    A week ago, I posted about Amazon removing third party affiliate companies like Viglink -- Now they have changed their rates too-- Old is on the left, new on the right.
  12. Joeychgo

    Amazon Removes Third-Party Vendors From Its Affiliate Program Starting at the beginning of this month, affiliate networks such as Skimlinks, Sovrn (which acquired VigLink) and CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) can no longer send traffic to...
  13. macfanpl

    What the hell is this?

    In one of the post on MyBB blog, Tom Moore once said: So Im asking: Where are these regular contributors and their contributions? Team take note: regular means: on regular basis. How this (=what happens nowadays) can be called regular? Its been 2013. We currently have 2020. SEVEN YEARS ON and...
  14. MagicalAzareal

    US ISPs claim not letting them sell user data violates their free speech This takes shamelessness to a whole new level...
  15. Study Force

    Why is there so much vB hate?

    I can't help but notice how many times I've browsed this forum only to read how terrible vB software is. Let's say (hypothetically) that is it, why is it always a repeating campaign theme on this website? @TheChiro mentioned: If the majority have moved on, why do people still complain? It's...
  16. zappaDPJ

    vBulletin 3 and 4 are no longer available to new licenses.
  17. Jim McClain

    cPanel Price Increase?

    Last week I got an email from KnownHost about some changes to be made: Have any of you, whether from KnownHost or some other hosting provider, received a notification like this? I have a dedicated server with 4 accounts, each with their own cPanel. Not sure if I should be shopping, or stick...
  18. Lisa

    Upcoming Facebook Changes

    I know a few here use FB as part of their overall forum structure (as well as some having active FB groups). An author friend of mine was at the recent Developer Conference, where Mark Zuckerberg discussed and shared the upcoming intentions they have. She was good enough to post a video in an...
  19. MagicalAzareal

    Chrome plans to cripple ad blockers It seems Google is finally revealing it's true colours.
  20. S

    Stay away from Invision Power Services and their products – it's a shady and greedy company

    Okay, this is going to be a long rant about Invision Community, aslo known as IPS or Invision Power Services, Inc. and Invision Power Board (IPB). If you don't want to read it all, the tl;dr is that Invision Power Services is a shady and greedy company that you should not do business with...