1. Study Force

    Thoughts on my top poster's block

    Inspired by the one found on, I figured it was time to add a Top Poster's block as well. Please let me know what your thoughts are and what I can do to improve it. You can see an example here (found on the left) I was...
  2. Pandemixx

    Rekindling an old passion

    It's funny to say that programming has been my life's work since I started at a young age (I suspect that's the case for many here as well), all of which got started by building forums. I learned the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and MYSQL from building many forums on vB, IPB, and even...
  3. TranslaCloud

    Welcome to me :)

    Hello everybody my name is Niko, and I am a webdeveloper + webdesigner. Introductions are always difficult because you never know what to say.. so maybe I can talk about my experience ? I started 7 years ago on a forum hosting service and that helped me a lot with my coding and technical...
  4. Namoh

    Domain Suggestions

    Hey, Would love to get some help coming up with a good name for a community dedicated to coding/programming and design. I'd prefer .com domains. I always struggle with this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Namoh

    Found/Closed Partner

    Form for REQUESTING staff Name of site (and/or forum): N/A -Will be decided with partner Link to forum: N/A Genre: Coding, Programming, Design, Gaming (one or more of these, can be discussed) Forum Software: vB4/phpBB Total number of posts the forum has received: 0 Seeking...
  6. Game Makers Forum

    Game Makers Forum

    A community of people who like to create, code and design games. There is also a section devoted to source codes to games in various languages. The community is not geared towards any one "Language" or "Engine".