1. Linus

    How do you valuate affiliate banners/ad slots w Cloudflare data?

    My Cloudflare data is telling me that we have 1m-2m unique users per month. I don't run any beacon analytics because our users are against ga (the members are sensitive to irresponsible data tracking) so I don't really know what the impressions are to plug into an ad client and go. That being...
  2. eva2000

    Domain Name(s) Cloudflare Domain Registrar At Cost Pricing Will Save $$$

    Some folks may have read that Cloudflare now has Domain Registrar services and promise to only charge at cost pricing with free whois privacy. Currently, in early access stage of service offering so I just tested the domain transfer process for 6x of my XYZ domains currently at Namecheap...
  3. N

    Cloudflare suspend my pro-account

    This morning Cloudflare send me a notice informing me that I had suspended my pro-plan. - WHAT!!! The problem was reported 9 hours ago and I'm still without pro-plan, according to cloudflare staff. They have encountered an issue where a very small number of users are getting downgraded, or...