1. StateDOG

    Jumping back in... so what Software to use? XF or IPB?

    Full disclosure, I used to run a forum powered by Invision and loved it. My last version was 2.0.2 I think. So it's been quite a while. But it's time to jump back into the game and I'm trying to decide what software to use. XenForo wasn't a player back then when I was into it. I like the...
  2. Kyrie

    What browser?

    What browser do you use? I am debating getting out of the chrome ecosystem, but I was wondering what the best one is in your opinion?
  3. Jason5

    Start with free or paid forum software?

    If you are going to start a project (either for fun or serious) what forum software you will go with? Will it be a free forum software to get started and paid or will it be Paid when starting? Now i have started with free and if i am really serious or see a good growth i will move to paid...
  4. bigpapapascarab1

    New Site Look (Poll)

    Hi thank you for your insight. Just take a few minutes if you have time to tell me which look of the site you like best. My site is about scarab beetles (ie dung beetles, rinoceros beetles, may beetles, japanese beetles, goliath beetles etc.) I can't decide if my beetle logo should be blue or...
  5. King G

    Free Hosted Forums TYRANNY OF CHOICE!!! AHHHH!!! :)

    So I know I have posted similar questions before but I think I was not very clear. Here is the issue. I have a forum on proboards it is based on youtubepoops (those weird nonsensical remixed videos on youtube) To be honest I like proboards because it...
  6. meetdilip

    Best Forum Software in your opinion

    This thread is not a debate thread but an attempt to stop numerous which is the best free forum software. There will be a poll for you to vote. But if you cannot resist postings post Pros and Cons only as in format below