1. John H20


    First point: that is apparently your 6,666th post. Second point: That sounds interesting, but there's a very big "but" that would keep me from trying it. You would have no real control, ownership or authority over your own data and user rules. I used to participate in Xenforo's own forum, a...
  2. L

    Free Speech Hosts? .. or at least one with a little backbone

    I'm big on free speech and I like to run my forums that way as well. I don't feel its my right, or job, to tell my members, you or Anybody what they can/can't believe in. I 1000% don't believe you should be silenced for discussing your thoughts. I have a bitter Karen out there that stalks my...
  3. DigNap15

    What do you think of the BigTech Crackdown

    What do you think of the BigTech Crackdown (Don't get political) But Amazon removing their web hosting from Parler is really bad (with 2 days notice) And I have heard of a domain name company removing the domain name of a gun club This is scary stuff that could affect any of us