1. A

    Should I do dropshipping or real estate?

    I'm 15 and I want to become one of those kids who you hear is really up there, talking to business owners about promotions and things like that. It's a big goal, but I believe I can make it with enough work. I've been studying dropshipping a lot for the past year and real estate is something...
  2. E

    Looking for Great Content Writer & Social Media Guru for Growing Website

    I manage a newly launched, but growing travel/community site and I am looking for someone who is good at social media marketing and content writing to join me in my aim to create a successful, lucrative business out of it. As I am just getting the site off the ground, the budget is very limited...
  3. W

    How To Recover Money?

    Hello, Me and my partners have been building simple software for business owners to track user engagement and automate their emails. I have had two or these companies now not pay my company and take our software for their use. We have contracts and agreements between us and our client but I am...
  4. U


    Hello,I'm living in a small country called Georgia,in a city where Stalin was born it's called Gori.This place attracts a lot of tourists but most of them stay only one day,they only see the museum and go back of course there are other sights too near my city but mostly they are interested in...
  5. Gosu

    Is there such a thing as "Too Many Clients"

    I mean when Demand > Supply. How often does this scenario happen in the real world or online businesses? From a personal standpoint, I work at a company with few people, we have enough projects to run the company smoothly and pay salaries. But at the same time I see a lot of wasted potential in...
  6. G

    what to do if forum software goes out of business?

    i love mybb btw will stop stalling and make my site but hypothetically what if mybb goes out of business or becomes paid? if i have an existing community what do i do? i know I "can" migrate but i don't know how. are their services? what about incompatable scripts? thank you
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