1. Alpha1

    Yet, another XenForo Addon developer exposed: warez/brivium related

    The developer collective wagrasol has been active on for months and has completed various projects. 2 new members have stated to be happy customers. So far so good: A simple...
  2. WD

    I'll just leave this here.... drama in 3..2...1.... Wonder who this is? HMMM can't be Brivium can it? :eek: Whoops... batpool52! The Sandman Chris D Ps, batpool52! not dead no just unable to be active like...
  3. Alpha1

    Another hacker developer banned from XenForo (HQCoder)

    On a Vietnamese coder named HQCoder released very similar addons to Brivium and seems to have copied code from legitimate developers. If you are running any of the addons by HQCoder then remove these immediately because these may include security risks! last month he released his...
  4. The Sandman

    Brivium at it again

    Looks like Brivium is at it again :(. Note, the thread referenced above has been pulled from the XF site.
  5. Alpha1

    Do you consider Brivium addons a security risk?

    As you probably know, Brivium was banned from XenForo after being exposed as running a hackers collective / site and using stolen code. There also was the ethically questionable issue of their addons secretly using callbacks to send data over to their server. Brivium had the most addons of any...
  6. J

    Brivium's "apology" xD

  7. Digital Doctor

    All of Brivium Resources banned by Xenforo ! whoa.
  8. TheChiro

    Brivium stealing images? (Split from Borbole/Brivium thread)

    I just found out he/she stole an image from my site and is using it in one of his/her paid addons (https://***********/resources/extra-trophies-awarded.185/). The image is the meter for allowing members to rank up. I paid good money to have that designed to my specific requirements and this...
  9. VonDoom


    Apparently Borbole has transferred ALL his plugins to Brivium.. Just a heads up for anyone who takes issue with Brivium products (or may be banned from his site for leaving negative feedback) im kind of disappointed since i made a big deal about not purchasing his products and then i turn...
  10. Falcon

    XenForo Resource Guidelines & Brivium

    XF recently updated their add-on guidelines: - Any add-on that doesn't follow this might can be removed from the resource area. My question is with the controversial (or confusion?) around Brivium...