1. Tech Observed

    Tech Observed

  2. I

    How to link Facebook to Instagram on Android?

    Hi, how do i have to link Facebook to my Instagram account properly on Android? I am able to link my Facebook account to Instagram, but when i log in to an other Instagram account and come back to this Instagram account, my Facebook is not linked to my Instagram anymore. So Instagram does not...
  3. AHB

    I want to be a blogger. What should I do?

    So below, I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog. There’s five main steps you need to go through in order to set up a blog. If you follow this guide and the five steps, you’ll have your own blog set up in 5 minutes or less. It’s nowhere...
  4. T

    Google ranking

    I dont understand why my blog post is not ranked in google. I checked my competetors, i have more backlinks, more da and pa, Better post but still google is not rank me up. Any suggestions?
  5. E

    Looking for Great Content Writer & Social Media Guru for Growing Website

    I manage a newly launched, but growing travel/community site and I am looking for someone who is good at social media marketing and content writing to join me in my aim to create a successful, lucrative business out of it. As I am just getting the site off the ground, the budget is very limited...
  6. L

    XF2 Blog Solution (import from Better Blogs)?

    I'm presently unable to upgrade to XF2 until I find a solution that provides members with a basic blog and can import my old Better Blogs data. I know a lot of other Xenforo admins are in the same situation. What have you done, what are you doing, and what are your plans? As far as I can tell...
  7. tony45

    4.3: improvements for Blog app announced

    4.3: Welcome to the future, blog! Good news! We've taken Invision Community's Blog app by the scruff of the neck and dragged it into 2018! There has been a growing trend for imagery to play a very important part of a blog entry. This update reflects that. Introducing Grid View We have added...
  8. Gosu

    Web Development niche earning through a forum?

    I have a Youtube channel based on Web Development tutorials where I average 1000 to 8000 views per video. I make around 1-2$ per 1000 views on Youtube. I have never owned a blog before just forums. How is earning from Youtube different from earning on a blog. I have a lot of interest in this...
  9. theglobe

    Blog hosting suggestions

    I've been out of the admin game for a while. I'm looking for a host for my blog, possibly a forum, which I aim to get off the ground in the next couple of weeks. I'm planning to up the circulation of my weekly column to more newspapers and want to direct those readers to a blog. I'm planning...
  10. T

    Changing dates in individual threads

    Does anybody know of a core of a forum script or a forum coming with a plugin which makes it possible to change (back date) dates in threads? Basically like you would be able to do when using Joomla, Wordpress and such for articles/blogs?
  11. Drastic

    Found/Closed Bloggers wanted.

    Fill out the appropriate form and delete the unused one. Form for REQUESTING staff Name of site Link to forum: Genre: news, opinions, various. Forum Software: WP/XF Seeking (admin/moderator/other): Bloggers/Writers Paid Position (yes/no): Yes. If...
  12. PoetJC

    Domain Name(s) Personal Political Blog Domain options...

    So - I've been blogging lately. Short, hard-hitting opinion pieces on American politics of the day. I've got a great idea for a personal blog domain. With the onset of so many TLD options, though, the choice is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. So help please!!! The domain name...