1. Gaming Latest

    Gaming Latest

    Gaming, tech, anime and anything news worthy can be found on Gaming Latest. Every second spent on GL is worth it to make new friends and turning our forum currency into actually gaming money for your video game needs. Let us help you find other gamers to stream, play games and make new...
  2. L

    Post Exchange with a Fan of Anime and/or Video Games (Plus Affiliates)

    Post Exchange Quantity: 10/10 Site Name/URL: Outlaw Star Nexus ( Site Description: This is a community about an anime series. General topics are popular but threads about anime in general or gaming tend to be the most popular. Further Information: If you're a fan of...
  3. Anonymous

    Legality of an Anime Streaming Site?

    You know as of the last couple of years, I've been watching more and more anime. One of favorites of all time is DBZ, so of course the new Dragon Ball Super is right up my alley as an example... But then I realized, the places where I watch these things are privately owned sites with embedded...
  4. Kimi Yamada

    Offering Otaku Admin Required!

    Hi everyone this is Kimi. We are looking for for an Otaku to manage our Facebook page and Group. he/she should be an Otaku till the bones! Contact me if you are interested. Position Required: Admin Skills: Otaku, Perfect English, energetic, social media savvy. Payment: Will discuss
  5. Demon_skeith

    Daily Post Exchange

    Post Exchange Quantity:- 3/3 or 5/5 posts done daily or 10-20 weekly. Site Name/URL:- Gaming Latest: Site Description:- a site dedicated to gaming, tech and anime news and discussion and among other things. Further Information:- In need of some activity and I always...
  6. Sakuga City - Anime And Gaming Community

    Sakuga City - Anime And Gaming Community

    Site Name: Sakuga City URL: Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum Category: Anime, Gaming and Geek Culture Tags: Anime, manga, gaming, forums, community, geek culture, movies, comics Site Launch Date 23 May 2016 Description: Sakuga City is a forum for fans...
  7. Demon_skeith

    Gaming, Tech and Anime Daily Exchange

    My video game site Gaming Latest (Formerly Gamingforce) has been going on for 8 years now and if it's one thing I learned, it is that daily exchanges is what really keeps a site going when you lack the active members. Unless I say otherwise, I'm only taking active daily exchanges. I might be...