1. haqzore

    Tapatalk pulled from Google Play app store. Been almost a week now & still gone. Could be nothing, could be something?
  2. B

    Best IDE for React Native?

    Looking for idea IDE for react-native. I have found a few of them and do research for them but I can't decide which one to choose. I am mentioning few of them below please let me know if you have any suggestions. Visual Studio Code Atom editor Sublime text 3 Webstorm Brackets
  3. doubt

    These Android apps have been tracking you, even when you say stop
  4. ForumApps

    XenForo XenForo Native Mobile Apps 1.0

    Are you tired of hearing your users complain about how your forum looks when browsing via mobile devices? How about the fact you have no real native mobile app in place? Don’t want to give out your private forum data to Tapatalk anymore? Gone are the days of your users' data being on third party...
  5. VICE

    Discourse on Android

    For unknown reason, I can't post the question in this thread, no matter how many time I tried; Either a bug or that certain users are unable to post on certain sections. In any case, I'll just post my question here: tomk How do...
  6. D

    Anyone irked at how giant phones are becoming?

    I am quite dismayed at the lack of phone options with 4.0-5.0'' screen sizes. Now, what ultimately matters is not screen size necessarily, but the actual size of the overall phone. However, screen size is the easiest way to more or less describe one's preference. I am not an iPhone user and...
  7. BrandonSheley

    Most Android phones can be hacked with one text

    Found this on cnet tonight..