1. Fait

    Promoting a new forum

    Promoting a forum on Facebook is not as strong as it use to be I own a technology forum ( been working hard to do as much content as I can and hopefully google will help traffic eventually. But what are some tips that help you? :)
  2. Shawn Gossman

    Going old school with ads

    The advertisement behavioral and browser tracking tactics are getting so intrusive these days that now even iOS is changing their policies against them which seems to be angering Facebook. Whatever you believe to be the case, in reality, ad display is based on smart technology that tracks us...
  3. fixer

    Chitika Is Shutting Down Effective Immediately

    Dear Publisher, After 15+ years in business and millions of publisher relationships, Chitika is hereby shutting down and closing its business. Our sincere thanks to all our publishers with whom we have enjoyed wonderful relationships over the years. We wish you the best of luck and success as...
  4. Why you need to focus on Video Advertising in 2018

    Why you need to focus on Video Advertising in 2018

    Hi TAZ! I recently published a research about video advertising on my website and wanted to share a short and sweet version here on The Admin Zone. Ready? -- Videos are the marketing tool with the highest engagement rates nowadays on the internet. Every day, more marketers are using video...
  5. SeanFace101

    Anyone used their LinkedIn £50 Free Ads?

    Has anyone used the £50 free ad coupon for advertising on LinkedIn? I keep getting an email from LinkedIn saying i can use use but i dont know how to.
  6. XtremeConditions

    Anyone tried reddit advertising?

    A lot of places are saying that it just isn't worth it, including some vids I saw on YT with some good extensive testing of reddit ads. But at the same time, I figure for like $5 of minimum advertising, how much would I have to lose? I've tried to subtly promote my site on a reddit post and got...
  7. XtremeConditions

    Is Putting Your Links in Signatures Good For Promotion?

    So one of my primary ways of trying to expose my forum (in my sig right now lol) was to go back to other sites I already take part in, and simply added the link in my signature. I remember reading one time that "spammy" ways of promoting links like that, would actually hurt SEO... Is there any...
  8. Shawn Gossman

    Meeting in the middle...

    Ad blockers are causing problems for advertisers and forums that run ads, now forum owners that run ads and ad services are trying to cause problems for ad blockers as well. I see another War on Drugs type scenario starting here, a war that will never be ended... How can all parties meet in...
  9. PoetJC

    Self-Serve Advertising?

    So - I'm researching ways of increasing revenue on a personal WordPress blog and I come across a plugin called Selfie? Anyone heard of it? It's self-serve advertising. From It'd be nice to purchase the script outright - but they have an interesting monetization scheme: My...
  10. 3phase

    Classifieds 'add-on' - Panjo - experience, remarks?

    (fwiw I've noticed there is a panjo representative member on TAZ) Anyone use/used Panjo in connection with your website - experience, remarks? Panjo is building a global marketplace for classified advertising. The product has been integrated with vBulletin, but they are creating a standalone...
  11. Shawn Gossman

    Advertisements – The Biggest Scam of Profit in the Message Forum Business

    Shawn Gossman submitted a new Article: Advertisements – The Biggest Scam of Profit in the Message Forum Business Read more about this article here...