1. tokyoice

    I keep getting rejected for AdSense

    Hey guys - I wonder if you could please help me. My website keeps getting rejected for AdSense - but as usual, there is no explanation, apart from "We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means that your site isn’t ready to show ads yet. Make sure your site follows the AdSense...
  2. P

    Google Adsense does not approve my site

    I'm trying to apply for a Google Adsense domain, but they send me a negative answer. In their email they just say: "it does not meet our policy". Unfortunately they do not explain what needs to be fixed. Can anyone please explain me what adjustments I have to make? My site is
  3. Splinter2

    AdSense and WoltLab?

    I'm considering AdSense for my forum and am curious about other WoltLab users' experience with it. How intrusive is it for the members' enjoyment of the forum? Is it easy to set up? I see that Google is now pushing Auto Ads. Is that the way to go? Finally, if any WoltLab forum owners could...
  4. stijl

    Adsense Alternative

    Searched the community but found nothing but dated threads. Is there a decent alternative to Adsense?
  5. Shin Ryoku

    Brief review of Adsense Auto Ads

    Some of you may have seen that Adsense has Auto Ads now. Basically this is a script you put on a page, and Google decides where to put the ads, what shape, and how many. Link to announcement: I decided to give it a...
  6. XtremeConditions

    Anyone tried reddit advertising?

    A lot of places are saying that it just isn't worth it, including some vids I saw on YT with some good extensive testing of reddit ads. But at the same time, I figure for like $5 of minimum advertising, how much would I have to lose? I've tried to subtly promote my site on a reddit post and got...
  7. Anonymous

    Legality of an Anime Streaming Site?

    You know as of the last couple of years, I've been watching more and more anime. One of favorites of all time is DBZ, so of course the new Dragon Ball Super is right up my alley as an example... But then I realized, the places where I watch these things are privately owned sites with embedded...