1. Shawn Gossman

    Must have addons for 2.2

    I recently got back into the forum business :D I have a XF 2.2 forum installed. I of course have Media and Resources... but also looking for ideas for other good addons as I've been so out of the game for a while. Help an old forumer out here haha by telling me your must have addons for 2.2...
  2. R0binHood

    Should you enable the automatic update of plugins? WordPress 5.5 makes this an option next week

    Good blog post here from Wordfence, a WordPress security plugin about the pros and cons of allowing automatic updates of plugins and how the feature works in WP. It's definitely a decision that needs to be...
  3. Hostboard

    vBulletin adoption of plugin system

    First off I have been doing this for decades (early 80s if you count BBSs). My first venture to a purely online hosted community was using UBB 5.x (UBB was the leader back then). Back then it was a flat file system, and with my site growing we pressed the envelop and developed a MySQL backend...
  4. iAdam

    Xenforo must have Addons.

    Hello, Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't locate any thread dedicated to Xenforo only. I'm starting a new online community/forum and I want to hear suggestions about your "must have" Addons to enhance the forum functionality and user experience. There's hundreds of...
  5. kolakube

    Rekindling an old passion

    It's funny to say that programming has been my life's work since I started at a young age (I suspect that's the case for many here as well), all of which got started by building forums. I learned the basics of PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and MYSQL from building many forums on vB, IPB, and even...
  6. Paul M

    vBulletin.Org, the end of an era ?
  7. Moonclamp

    Are there any third party addon sites for WBB?

    Hi, I've been playing with a demo of WBB and liking it thus far, but want to know if there are any third party addon sites (English Language) rather than just the official site? Any recommendations?
  8. Shawn Gossman

    Advanced Applications

    Check out this mod folks: Any of you ever used it before? I'm thinking about purchasing me a license. I want to be able to use it as the 'Create New Topic' form for 50 sub-boards that I have created on one of my forums...