1. Nerdface

    Selling XenCentral Feedback System (Branding Free)

    Product information: XenCentral Feedback System 2 License purchased: 21/04/19 (updates for 1 year) Total cost: €89,99 (£81.22) Selling for: £65.00
  2. Karll

    Add-on for automatically shrinking newly uploaded images?

    I currently have my ACP settings to allow max 1600x1600 pixels and 6Mb images. This is not enough for the image files coming out of cameras these days, and users obviously can't be bothered to scale down before they upload. So, is there a way to automatically scale down an image when it gets...
  3. Threadloom

    Upgrade your site search: Try Threadloom during Early Access and get 1 year free

    Threadloom – the 1st cloud-hosted site search engine designed specifically for forums – is now available via Early Access. It is currently compatible with vBulletin 4.2.x and XenForo 1.5.5 or higher. With Threadloom, you no longer have to worry about index maintenance, search captchas...
  4. Threadloom

    Sponsored Introducing: Threadloom Community Search

    Hi everyone- We’re a new sponsor here on TAZ (thanks, Sandman, for onboarding us!). I’ve been following TAZ the past year as an individual member, and have really enjoyed the learning and helpfulness within the community. Some of the discussions helped influence my current project, which I...