1. ripptech

    Rebuilding a dead forum from scratch

    so here's the backstory: A couple of years ago a relatively popular forum that I was aware of, but not involved with at all, shut down for lots of reasons. The domain expired, fell into the hands of spamming dirtbags, and now I got it back just today. Several people who were involved with...
  2. pjk

    Daily active users dropping, as are posts. Thoughts?

    I've run a community since 2006, growing to over 34,000 members today. The peak was probably 2011/2012, but since has declined. Many users have gone to reddit and FB Groups, and this year it's gone from 300 daily active users to around 200 now, and from 150 posts per day down to like 70 now...
  3. Jedi Knight Muse

    Struggling Forum for Fantasy Writers - any feedback/suggestions

    Hi, This is going to be a really long post, but hopefully it all makes sense. So, I run a forum for fantasy writers/readers called Worldsmyths (not sure if I'm allowed to put the link into this post or not, so it's in my signature). It's over a year old and we use SMF for the forum software. We...
  4. ChrisTERiS

    vBulletin 4.x Newsletter 1.3.1

    1.- What's this? With this AddOn you can sends Newsletters to your Members, informing then for the latest activity in your forums. 2.- Features Custom Header/Footer CSS file to change the look and feel of the newsletter Add a Custom Greeting Mark a Post as Important to include the full text...