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Synology NAS devices and networking
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April 5, 2019
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The unofficial Synology forum for NAS owners and enthusiasts.

SynoForum is the unofficial Synology forum for all who like NAS related topics. Started on 5th April 2019 as another forum for Synology enthusiasts, I wanted to offer something fresh, clean and feature rich for the discussion board, responsive design for easy use on mobile devices, helpful content and overall a pleasant forum functionality. Forum is based on XenForo software with some useful additions like Resources section where users can publish tutorials and guides. These resources can also be rated by other members periodically.

The forum structure is well thought and created to be as clean as possible for easy navigation. If a member still needs help with the forum functionality useful guides are published to get familiar with the forum faster. On SynoForum you’ll always be informed about the latest Synology news, announcements and product security updates as we provide them over RSS protocol. We are always looking to add new useful stuff, but still keeping the forum clean and moderated.

After two months since SynoForum was set up, it has over 2,900 posts with useful content, tutorials, and guides. Currently, we have decent members activity, many of them are very knowledgeable and helpful, but everyone is welcome, of course. Newcomers can ask questions and free support will be provided sooner or later from our staff or forum members. Let’s talk also about the business model because we know some people are questioning that. There is no special business model for our forum. All we might add someday are donations to cover some expenses and to refill our energy with coffee and cookies. Synoforum is set up for the long run, so hopefully, even more, users will come and join our community. Welcome, all!

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