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Star Wars RP: Chaos
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Star Wars Fan Fiction
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Jan 21, 2013
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Star Wars RP: Chaos is a play-by-post RPG community that revolves around a time period 800 years ABY (After Battle Yavin - Star Wars: A New Hope). Star Wars enthusiasts, role-players, and video gamers alike gather at Star Wars RP: Chaos to post, share stories, or take part in the game that is Chaos.

Many of our features include the following

1. A map of the Galaxy, complete with custom planets and custom factions created by players. This map has had countless hours put into it. Seriously, it's out of control.

2. On-the-fly faction creation. Just joined the forum? Want your own faction, like the Empire or the Rebellion? Dive right in. Each faction has a multitude of features, includes the ability to create reference pages and your own forums.

3. Custom created Timelines. 3/4 of the Star Wars Galaxy was wiped out when the Gulag plague happened! The board's timeline starts when everyone began to pick the pieces back up. While the timeline is very loose - we've had like, 6 Sith Emperors and 4 Sith Empires in what Staff has officially called "6 years" (so much in so little time!) - feel free to dabble around as you like. The timeline really only progresses with Staff-ran Events, of which we've tried to have one or two every 6 months.

4. We've got our own Blogs and our Shoutbox, if you're into that.

5. And more! There's so much going on here, feel free to stop by and give us a shout. If you do, mention Tefka by typing @Tefka.

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Community Customisation

Style Customization: Ehri over at He also has a Xenforo site, In my opinion, he's done some of the best IPB forum and has posted a lot of tutorials over at his IPB website for customization. I bought one of his premades, Villain, and did the rest myself.

Addons: Probably an embarassing number of add-ons like everyone else. I won't list them all, but the ones to note are Rsyvarth's Social Groups (renamed to Factions via phrases), some obscure subaccounts add-on I obtained way back in the day under the table from the guy who commissioned it (Waindigo's is far superior), IP.Blogs and IP.Content. I was using Pages for it's simplicity as opposed to IP.Content, but I ended up with way more content as time progressed and needed a more complete content manager.

Other things are small, such as rank titles, shoutbox, inactive members manager, etc. But it adds up.

Latest reviews

The website looks absolutely amazing, and so does the community. There's a ton of activity and I don't know how you do it with only 6 Admins! I can tell a lot of work was put into it- it really shows. Great job. I also looked at the Galaxy Map, and WOW. You go!
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Wonderful site theme, I would imagine it fits well with the community. The faction system seems interesting, I might take a few ideas and modify them for my own community!
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I've found big foot. The community was launched fewer than two years ago, and you've already topped half a million posts. Absolutely incredible! And it's a beautiful theme, besides. Success envy. :)
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