Sakuga City - Anime And Gaming Community

Pros: Xenforo
Clean Theme
Quick loading
Professional Design and Staff
Cons: Chat takes you away from site
Should have static home page that shows both forum and articles
When first visiting the website I was caught off guard. The theme is very nice on the eye and makes you want to join it. No lack of images on the home page or for the articles. Part of the appeal of the site was how clean it was. I'm not big into this niche, so if it made me want to join, think of how it would with someone who enjoys the niche!

Looks to be well ran and hosted. I didn't encounter any errors or slow loading pages. Aside from it being somewhat new the forums are getting attention. Slowly but surely. I dug up some metrics on this site and see that it is doing fairly well on traffic. Which means SEO is being used and that the articles are unique content.

Overall a great website. It sticks to the niche it is and looks good. Best of luck to the owner!
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Thank you so much for the review. I really appreciate it. :)