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Oblivion State
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Urban exploring
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2008 (I think)
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MattW services

Oblivion State is a community centred around Urban exploration and its associated tales, and images.
There are many websites / blogs from individuals showing their adventures, but few forums.

The forum was not created by me, I took it on a few years ago and went on a bit of a mission to get it "back on the map"
It has been taken from being a very lean website run by a few friends to serve the local area, to an international community that is now focused on providing a friendly atmosphere where its members can store albums to create threads in the forums, or share to other sites.

With images being such a crucial part of this hobby, I recently added the media gallery, which also provides the images to the forums and main banner.

We are run on Xenforo, previously myBB, Vbulletin and more recently Invision.

There are a couple of things here or there that can still be tweaked, but I'm happy it looks good.

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  1. Premade but customised

Community Customisation

2 styles in use currently.
1 made by XenTr, which is the primary.
1 made by Themehouse

Addons currently are fairly lean. We use;
Nodes by Themehouse
Threadloom search

We were using a lot of tools from Andy, but I have taken these out as they were not really being used.


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