Pros: Everything, this guy know his stuff. Any issues he fixes them within minutes :D
Cons: I honestly cant think of even a constructive con, he helps with everything no cons
Great guy, helpful great prices for hosting and support. Best host around
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Pros: Matt's completely dependable and it seems that there's nothing hardware or software related that he can't do, even when others can't.
Cons: Lives on an island. Talks funny.
TAZ's go to guy for anything related to our server, hosting, and database management.
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Pros: Matt was very fast. He was up front on his time line and his work. He continually PM'd and emailed updates.
Cons: None. The services were done immediately.
Sorry about the title but it seemed appropriate to frame Matt's services in terms of being premium and his price is more than fair.
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Thanks for the Review. In terms of pricing, I'm able to keep my hourly rate low because this isn't a full time thing for me, so I can fit it in around my other work.