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Heretix Forum - where active people debate
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28 September 2014
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At the Heretix Forum, you may enjoy a lot of advanced functions and fun stuff that reveals itself as you click your way through the site, play our various types of games or participate in our interesting, enlightening, entertaining and funny debates.

In the International Section, you can also use some other languages beside English. We have even included "lessons of the day" in seven tongues! The entire site actually changes language if you click on the "select language" button at the bottom of the page!

The Heretix Forum is meant to be a place where people can enjoy each other's company and contributions, learn useful and funny things from each other; and want to return to for new experiences.

Our friendly and competent staff is ready to assist you, so don't hesitate to contact us.

We could very well use more people with creative typing fingers and various skills, such as programmers, forum-builders, organisers, debate coordinators, event planners, idea-developers and marketing specialists to help develop the Heretix Forum further.

As an added feature, we have now founded our own Webmate Academy, where we give you lessons in forum building, website development and simple coding.

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We have currently installed 35 pre-made ProBoards plugins. In addition, fellow member Gator and I have customised the platform heavily by embedding lots of widgets + commands in simple coding.


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