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FPS24/7 formerly CoD24/7, Discuss all the latest Firt Person Shooter games such as Black Ops3, Advanced Warfare, Ghosts, Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, Star Wars: Battlefront amongst others and hang with other FPS fans.

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got F.P.S.A.D.?
We are here to help!!
FPS24/7 formerly CoD24/7 is the number one hangout place for fans of First Person Shooters. With over 1 MILLION posts, FPS24/7 is a great place for all FPS fans to come and discuss their favourite shooters.

We have the latest news and reviews for today's First Person Shooters and the Shooters of yester-year we grew up loving. We have a strong community that love to chat, so if you're an FPS player then this is the place for you! All are welcomed...after all we are a community.

we offer many unique features others don't such as:
  • Custom Ranks/Trophies
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Rank Up notifications based on Quality posts
  • shoutbox
  • Wordpress style theme switcher - pick your pattern/image for BG. or use your own!
    BG chooser_dark1.gif
  • Multiple User upgrades purchased with forum "Fbux"...more coming soon
  • Live Streams
  • Arcade / html5 Atari arcade
  • Advert FREE!
  • Media section to highlight your online achievements or to promote your channel.
  • quick access to XBL, PSN, & Steam status pages - gamepad icon on the slide-out tab. If on mobile turn phone to landscape.
  • Member of the Month Rewards

Most of our members are 30 - late 50's so don't be thinking you're too old to sign up.

Custom theme is the default Xenforo theme with over 300 template edits by me to replicate our original site. There are still changes needed such as forum layout, more trophies, YT channel, FB and Twitter pages obviously but this is just a preview.

The theme is XenBase from the great team of Russ & Steve @ PixelExit which is basically the xF default color scheme with the turbo charger under the hood from pixel exit consisting of alllll their nice lil tweaks & addons. It took some time to go from the xF default color scheme to where it is now. Hope you enjoy and if you do please feel free to sign up as it's also free.

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