Argentina Expats

Pros: Welcoming users, friendly interface, interactive community
Cons: Perhaps widen the moderator team, maybe remove that alert
I did some looking around. I clicked a few links, scrolled through different parts of the website to get a good feel of the site. I read a few threads. My overall judgement of it is great. The site gives off a homely feel, and it is laid out quite well. The users appear to be friendly enough and seem to be enjoying the forum and the services it offers them.

The layout and design of the forum: well, it's quite plain in design but there's nothing wrong with that as the amount of content and user activity makes up for it.

You may want to consider adding a moderator or two as I imagine the site will become bigger with age.

The attatched image is something I want to bring to your attention - I'm not personally a fan of these type of alerts, especially when I have more than one tab open. Maybe you can add an option for users to enable/disable this alert when they are online.


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Thanks for your review Sockio .
I've been in two minds about the psst alert and yes, it's a little irritating and it's now been removed.
Never liked it myself actually.
As for admins and mods; it's too early for that and besides, none of the other members want the responsibility at the moment.
Many thanks for taking the time to review my forum.