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Alien Soup is a site geared towards sci-fi fans while welcoming fans also of just about any other genre you can think of. It is my primary site that I work on and is a hobby site in the sense that I do it for the enjoyment and not for financial gain.

The origins of the site date back to the 1980's when I used to run a sci-fi BBS using PC Board; at the time it was one of the larger free BBS sites offering multiple dial-in numbers and network connection to FIDO, RIME, and others. As the days of BBSs waned I started a web site named (I really wish I held unto that domain!) that was mostly news and sci-fi related downloads. Originally it was all hand-coded HTML pages before switching to Coranto, a perl script for news content. In 2003 I became a vBulletin customer and on March 21, 2004, we switched domains (to and software to vBulletin 3.0.0, just two days after vB 3.0.0 was released to the public. In 2013 we switched from vBulletin to XenForo. Finally in 2016 we switched domains from to along with a slight change of direction for the site.

The custom XenForo styles we have, along with most of the graphics, were done by Kim of Xenique. "The Light Side" is a blue & magenta pastel style meant to invoke the retro feel of a 50's diner while "The Dark Side" is a more traditional 'sci-fi' design with darker colors with red highlights. There have been some... interesting ... feedback regarding the "The Light Side" style along with a good amount of positive feedback as well since it breaks away from the stereotypical color schemes used by most genre sites. The "Alien Soup" graphics were done by a different designer. As part of the Alien Soup rebranding the default style is now the dark style with the alien header.

The community has attracted a number of published authors in our Books forum and had some nice inbound links to others sections like the Gallery. We're small, but friendly. :)

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As of the moment some of the bigger add-ons that we utilize include...
  • CTA Featured Threads
  • Post Ratings
  • XenGallery XenForo Media Gallery
  • TaigaChat Pro Chat by Siropu
  • Xen Pushover
  • Notifications
  • Competitions
  • ... and a bunch of bespoke tweaks.
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Latest reviews

Pros: Gorgeous
Cons: Pink!
Cool Sci Fi really is cool. Not a huge fan of the pink style (as KW802 knows - what can I say, I'm voocal!) but I do love the secondary style. He likes to insist it's magenta usually - caught him out on this one today, that's it now!

Seriously though, this site has been around since the year dot - or it feels that way. Lots of interesting things to read about. If you enjoy sci-fi, definitely worth a visit.
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