vBulletin 4.x xxxMates 1.0.2

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1.- What's this?

xxxMates is a vBulletin AddOn for those who are operating erotic communities. It adds to your community dating functionallity for members looking partners for sex. Being addon does not means that it misses features from sites like Instead with the help of vB forums and other addons you can build a much more active community than just dating sites.

2.- Features
  • Uses the user profile page to display the erotic data (eg Gender, Sexuality, Loooking for, What I like etc etc).
  • Depending on usergroup permissions members who are offering Escorting services can add more details (eg Price, Contact details, Working Hours etc).
  • Browse by Gender
  • Browse by Location
  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search (almost in all profile fields)
  • Save Search criteria for future use
  • Restore Search
  • Escorting services can Turn On/Off at any time
  • Smart profile listing to avoid fights. You can't see profiles if you don't meet the profile's owner requirements. eg If a woman is seeking a woman and you're a Man, her profile will be hidden from your eyes.
  • Who has viewed my profile listing (with counter to check if someone visits your profile in regular basis)
  • Who has added my profile as Favorite
  • My Favorites Profiles
  • Hide/Activate Profile
  • Report profile
  • Random Member profiles block in homepage
  • Random Escorts in homepage
  • User Menu block in sidebar
  • Just Join us block in sidebar
  • Profiles by Gender statistic block in sidebar
  • Email to member on profile Approval
  • Email to member on profile Rejection
  • Email to member on profile Deletion (When someone reports the profile and Admin accepts the report).
  • Brand Free! No copyright links in page footer.
3.- Usergroup Pemissions
  • Access xxxMates Pages
  • View Profile data
  • Post Profile
  • Post Escort relevant data
  • Contact Member (but this can be bypassed from other sections eg Forum posts).
  • Profile needs authorization (If set to No profiles from members on this usergroup will go active without Admin check)
  • Moderator permissions
4.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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