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Primary by Threadloom identifies products forum members are discussing, and automatically creates monetizable assets for your site. You can display the most-discussed products in each node, give your visitors detailed product information on your site, and insert featured products into Threadloom Newsletter. Primary automatically attaches your affiliate IDs so you can earn additional revenue. Forums using Primary have increased their affiliate revenue by more than 50%.

Primary offers three ways to help you monetize your forum:
  • Primary Explorer is a widget that displays products that are relevant to a thread or node. It helps you earn additional revenue and engage drive-by visitors. You control what it looks like, where it appears, and who sees it. For instance, you can choose to show it to only logged-out visitors.
  • Primary Product Pages are embeddable pages that give your visitors detailed information about products, including availability, review scores, and related products.
  • Threadloom Newsletter now includes an option to automatically insert up to four products into each issue.

Examples of Primary Explorer: TheMouthPiece, Hardline Crawlers, TNDeer, Long Range Hunting
Examples of Product Pages: Mickey Waffle Maker, Model 3 Floor Mats, Reptile Eye Rinse
Examples of Threadloom Newsletter: TalkBass, Hardline Crawlers, TNDeer, Long Range Hunting

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How do I get started?
You can take begin earning additional revenue with Primary with the following steps:
  1. Sign up for a Threadloom account.
  2. Install the Threadloom plug-in (available in the Threadloom Portal) and index your forum.
  3. Drop us a line requesting to enable Primary for your account.
  4. Send us your affiliate IDs. Learn more
  5. Embed Primary on your site. Learn more
  6. Insert Primary products into Newsletter. Learn more


How will you use my content exactly?
  • We index only snippets of forum posts (never the full post).
  • We display the full text of original posts, and of specific posts that talk about a product (but still only index snippets).
  • We always link back to your forum so you get traffic and backlinks.
  • Visitors to Primary can ask questions, which we post to your forum.
  • We never sell or share your forum or user data.

How will this affect traffic to my site?
  • We optimize SEO for products and themes. We don't compete with threads or posts.
  • We target search traffic that currently goes to low-quality product sites.
  • Over half of visitor clicks on Primary go back to forums.
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