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XenForo Xenforo OneSignal Push Notifications - Now With Simple Install

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realised i missed the update for "conversations" now goes to /unread thank you :)

version number is 1.1.11, ignore the version string here :)
Issues with alerts saying liked, even though its post updates - caused by experiments with language changes

manifest is no longer /os_manifest but os_manifest so install works in sub folders

subdomain now has quote marks for non https

persist notification are default to false which was causing a syntax error forcing the user to choose on a new install.

I know I have possibly missed some issues, but this should fix the biggest ones.

Thank you to everybody who has had patience with me debugging your sites etc <3 to you all.
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We now have options for persistent notices in chrome as requested by Mouth

and we have non https subdomain requirement. Keeping it 0 (or false for anybody using https!)

You will see some stuff with like text, which is the start of my adventure into changing text for notices. It should work for that one alert but still not sure how to proceed on this item.
Dunno why they were old version as checking the zip this morning are new (29th march)

Uploading again

Minor revision if you have 1.1.7 installed you should only need to install the XML file.

You will find a new option to:

Show Auto Prompt to Register After X Page views

This will allow you to ask somebody to register to your auto notifications if they have done X amount of page views which is defaulted to 100!

This also fixes the bug where guests were still prompted to auto register even if you have it turned off.
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New Features!
- Google Analytics Intergration - shows how many default(closed prompt) denied(blocked it) or granted (accepted your notifications)

- Do not show alert bell to users who have blocked site notifications

- GCM id can now be set in the configuration for those of us who had onesignal from way back. It will default to the one provided by OneSignal.

- 3 Options for delivery, real-time, optimum and batch
-- Realtime is the old way all notices sent instantly
-- Optimum likes/tags send immediately
-- Batch send per interval (which has also been improved)

- Security
-- Creates a hash that you can use to send alerts. This way some smart users cannot manipulate the JS to pretend to be another user - low impact but theres always one!

--For old installs set your hash after install. I recommend a long string. Use your favorite random password generator. After a week or 2 turn on security then.

-Refactored JS to one set of code for members/guests.

I hope you enjoy the updates.

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Missing logic operator OR.

Everything was working just alerts were not being sent because of the batching process by default AND's the tags together.
The way crontabs are run they could be run at the 50th second of a minute.

I have added a small adjustment, to do the following:

If the time is 5 minutes and 50 seconds

It will add 50 seconds to the window.

This seems to make it more reliable for me. Your mileage may vary.
An incredible big update.

Now with batch processing.

Frequency refers to the amount of time between processing.

The cron runs every minute but checks the frequency to see if it matches.

Before this it would run the moment it happens and I knew this was an issue.

Conversations are still alerted in real time due to the way they are done.

More notices and alerts have been implemented - but need to be completely verified as tracing the data and context is not easy.

Short site name added, if nothing specified then it will use the default boardTitle.

This is still very much -in development- with the TAZ community. But is run on my own personal production website.
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