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XenForo Xenforo OneSignal Push Notifications - Now With Simple Install

No permission to download

This mod is exclusive to TAZ only. You will not find it anywhere else on the internet.

To download the modification follow the instructions on this page:

Why TAZ only?
- Because at TAZ you get direct admin feedback. Feedback from admins running massive communities who can push a product beyond its dreams.

Why is this mod free?
- I think forums need all the chance they can get. This mod took me 3-4 days of sheer excitement last year, to figure out and code.

- Even after 40 hours of coding I still feel this modification should be free for all to enjoy.

What level of experience do I need?
- At this point not much.

Any database mods?
- No DB modifications made with this addon.

Why is iOS not supported?
- Please visit this page:

When will iOS be ready?
- If I had a crystal ball I'd use it trust me. I don't know.

What does it do?
- It asks all users on your site (guests and members) to allow notifications automatically. As members they will receive alerts for most site actions, including conversations.

- For guests, it knows what the last node_id the user was in, as such you can create highly targeted segments in your onesignal panel. So for example, if you ran a car site, those people looking at ford's, you could.. send a notice to them saying theres a special deal for ford owners... or something. Marketing, I don't understand.

How much is one signal?
- Free - please read their terms of service and applicable documentation.

How do I use it?

-Create an account on onesignal, then create a site following the steps.
What you are looking for is "Website push". Then choose Chrome/Firefox. Keep going through the setup.

When you get to the end. Click the X at the top right and finish later.

Then from the left, go to App - Settings then Keys & ID's tab.


Go to Options->OneSignal Push Notifications


And copy/paste the settings to this box.

You should be able to tap on the red bell and subscribe.

Users should start to fill up on your onesignal account. Tags like guest/uname/uid should make sense.

Permissions (add to guests and registered member for a basic install).
Batch processing - processed every minute(but fully customizable to every 10 minutes or whatever) so doesn't slow down posting or site interaction - should be ideal for large sites.
Full customization of the bell, show it, hide it, color it, change the text of the button.

This mod from Xon on Xenforo complements perfectly as it marks alert as read when you view the content, thus not requiring the user to acknowledge the alert.
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