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Things to know !!!
  • If your site is SSL and you try to show a video from a non SSL site, video should not works.
  • If you can't show YouTUBE videos, most probably your API key is wrong. Be sure that you've setup correct the API key and it is ver. 3. Here is a good tutorial.
  • If you see strange characters in the text, the problem is character encoding. Even in English, if you're using iso-8859-1 but the video provider uses UTF-8 should have some problems. But you can edit the text, so not so important issue.
1.- What's this?

Video Club is a Video Gallery mod for your community. It's easy to use and has a nice interface. User just needs to enter a link to the video and set a category. All others done automatically. For comments supports Thread per video but also the well known Disqus external commenting system. I strongly recommend you to use Disqus as it's very social and soon you'll see an increment amount of pageviews.

2.- Video Providers (Websites)
  • ver. 1.2.0 NEW!! Now you can add manual any video code your want
3.- Comments

Not only one but 3 types for comments (plus an option to not use comments)
  • Thread
  • Disqus
  • Ajax comments
4. Installation
  1. Upload all files from upload folder to the folder where your vBulletin 4.2 is installed
  2. CMOD 777 the directories
    1. videoclub/thumbs
    2. videoclub/thumbs/tmp
  3. Login to your admincp and import the file product-videoclub.xml
  4. Set Usergroup permissions
  5. Set General Options according to your needs
    2. Get a YouTUBE API key from
    3. Decide if you'll use Threads for comments or Disqus. If you'll use Disqus set your site at:
    4. Set Server Path to Uploads !!!
  6. If you want modify PM templates but don't touch anything between {}
  7. Set the Categories
5.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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