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vBulletin vBulletin 4 - Social Media Integrated Skin 2014-11-11

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*This still has some small display issues for IE6 and IE7 (most not my fault, blame Internet Brands). Any 4.01 bugs apply to this skin, because thats what it was designed on. If the standard images folder wasn't bloated with 58239439 extra icons and I could actually tell what's being used it would have customized icons included. Other bugs to consider include additional.css not being called every page.

Social MEdia Ready vBulletin 4.0 Skin!!!
By: David McHenry

This skin is currently available in the following colors:
  • Green-Brown

The skin will be ported to include additional colors as I have time.
  • Blue-Brown
  • Red-Dark
  • Yellow-Dark
  • Green-Dark
  • Blue-Dark
  • Tell me your custom color request


  • Download the attached zip folder
  • Upload the cbb folder to your sites root images folder (ex:
  • Import the product. ***IMPORTANT: You must do this for the skin to function correctly*** - Do this before the style!!
  • Import the vbulletin-style.xml
  • Enable the theme as default!

Social MEdia Integration:
Social Media is a great way to drive tons of traffic to your site. Using popular sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and now even Google Buzz you can drive tons of free targeted traffic to your site. This skin comes with "AddToAny" support included with it, as well as links in the footer for your own personal (or your sites) social media profiles. (all easily editable from the AdminCP). This currently supports Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Google Profiles.
  • When you import the product you can disable all social media integration if you want
  • You can also selectivly choose what to enable/disable

Custom StyleVars:
When you import the product, it also imports 1 custom style var for controlling the color around the forums box (currently the brown color). You can use this to change the box to your likings. As the additional skin colors are released, more options maybe added to that area so watch this thread for updates.

Please Note: When additional colors are released they'll be updated here and included in the download. Install instructions will remain the same and all you'll have to do is install the themes!
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