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vBulletin vBulletin 3.8.5 - QuickClip 2014-11-11

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QuickClip allows your members to store frequently used snippets of text that they can then quickly and easily use as replies to threads and private messages.

QuickClip is based on the familier Private Messaging interface, so will be instantly familier to your users and will help cut down support queries such as "Where is the such-and-such button?".

As the forum administrator, you can keep full control over your members QuickClips usage by limiting the number of clips and folders they can create, or even banning them from using it completly.

All of this is controlled by Usergroup access, with default settings in vBulletin Options.

  • Fully template driven so it will blend into the look and feel of your site
  • Fully phrased, making translation to other languages a breeze
  • Fully integrated with the vBulletin User CP
  • QuickClip Reply boxes for posting your QuickClips in Threads and Private Messages
  • An option to include your signautre when posting replies using QuickClips
  • Fully controllable limits on Clips and Folders, including the option to have No Limit
  • The ability to Preview your QuickClip before saving
  • ...Plus so much more! Take a look at the screenshots below!

Installation and Configuration
Easy and straightforward as always :D Please see the install.txt file for step by step instructions.


UserCP Navigation:

UserCP Navigation Folder Dropdown:

List QuickClips:

Create a new QuickClip (with preview):

Manage Folders:

Using a QuickClip to reply to a thread:

Using a QuickClip to reply to a private message:

Usergroup Permissions:

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