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Corrected issues for that would report errors in logs for PHP under version 7.4
We are pleased to announce the release of Threadloom Search 2.1.3 for XenForo 2.0.x and 2.1.x updates.
Release notes:
  • Fixes the regression caused in v2.1.2 which broke thread-restricted search using the Xenforo Search option.
We are pleased to announce the release of Threadloom Search 2.1.2 for XenForo 2.0.x and 2.1.x updates.
Overall this does not include new features, but basic bug fixes for user-reported issues within Search.
These fixes include:
  • Fixes a bug with multiword title search
  • Search in a thread with member restrictions on Threadloom Search was not limiting the search to just the member.
  • Entering an invalid URL in the admin panel, developer options caused an exception.
If you or your community should find a bug within the code, please post in this thread or if you are a customer, please submit a ticket here. Please let us know how to recreate the error, so we can get to work on correcting the issue as soon as possible!
Threadloom Search is now available as a supplemental option to the native forum search

In addition to various fixes and improvements, this update includes a new feature that lets your forum members choose (and save) Threadloom Search or your native forum search engine as their default search engine. You no longer have to choose between the two – your members can have both. As an admin, however, you are able to set either option as the default search engine for new visitors to your forum. You can learn more from our blog post here.

If you’d like to learn more about this feature please check out our Help Center articles:
On Monday we released a plug-in update that includes a minor backend update to support Threadloom Newsletter and adds compression. Compression saves 80% of bandwidth and 5-10% of sync time. Full release notes.
Image search is now available for all Threadloom customers.
  • If you’re already using Threadloom, just install the latest plug-in from the Threadloom Portal (v2.0.6 or later for XenForo, v2.0.8 or later for vBulletin). Then, in the Portal, go to Search Settings and turn on Image Search. Just like with its sister feature, Custom Search Tabs, there is no additional charge for Image Search – they’re both included in your plan. So search on and let us know what you think!
  • If you haven’t tried Threadloom yet, sign up here. It’s completely free for smaller forums, and all of our plans for larger forums include a free 30-day trial.


Full blog post
2.0.8 – released 2017-06-13

Better handling of real-time index update requests for new and edited threads and posts. Better ensures that site performance does not degrade due to API backend latency or outages.

  • Real-time index update requests run only after a XenForo database transaction completes.
  • Real-time index update API request length is capped so forum visitors don't experience delays when saving changes.
  • Corrects an error message sent to Threadloom when the plug-in cannot properly encode data.

2.0.7 – released 2017-06-08

Efficiency improvements for scheduled task data transfers

  • Handle rare cases where size of posts exceeds HTTP transfer limits.
  • Reduced size of data sent by server during scheduled task run. Results in faster task runtime.
  • Fixed an internal bug in how we query number of rows in tables during the scheduled task run.

Full release notes
Snappy and powerful new UI!
  • Users can now easily filter by forum, user, and date (+prefix in XenForo).
  • Results update in realtime.
  • Supports type-ahead.
Filter dropdown:
TMC_-_Forum_Dropdown - resize.png

Multi-select + typeahead:
TMC_-_selections_+_type-ahead - resize.png

Date picker:
TMC_-_Date_picker - resize.png

Filters in use:
TMC_-_Filters_enabled - resize.png