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1.- What's this

It's a multi functional Rate My Site, User Feedback which works totally just as Forum Sidebar block.

2.- Features
  1. The block has 3 tabs: Overview, Rate Us, Comments
  2. You are allowed to assign many fields for rating and not just a simple "Rate Us". eg you can set fields for rating like: Content, Design, Hand etc etc. The overall rating is auto calculating.
  3. Users can post ratings and leave a simple feedback
  4. The comments tab shows the latests 3 comments but there is a link "All comments" which opens a normal vB page
3.- Installation

I'm sorry but you need to do some manual work. I was unable to find a way to make these changes automatic. So the steps that you need to follow to install this addon, are:
  1. Upload all files and folders from the upload folder to your vB installation directory.
  2. Goto you admincp
  3. Copy the content of additional.css and paste it to your additional.css template. You can find it at Styles & Templates-> Style Manager-> Edit Templates-> CSS Templates
  4. Copy the content of headinclude.php and on the same way add it to the end of your headinclude template.
  5. Copy the content of footer.php and on the same way add it to the end of your footer template.
  6. Create a Forum Sidebar at Forums & Moderators-> Forum Blocks Manager
    1. Add Block
    2. Select Block Type: Custom HTML/PHP
    3. Click Continue
    4. Title: Anything you like to appear. eg Rate our site
    5. Cache time (in minutes): Set it to a low value. Don't know if setting 0 deactivates cache (should be perfect). Cache causes a problem. Keeps the rate form visible for the cache time period. This actually is not a problem as, in case that the user will tries to rate again, he will gets a permission error. But is not nice to be visible after user rating.
    6. Content type: PHP
    7. Content: Copy and paste the code from: Widget_Block_PHP_Code.txt
  7. Goto Plugins & Products and import product-ratemysite.xml
  8. Set (if needing) the 3 settings at RateMySite Settings
  9. Add Rating questions. I believe that you must have at least 2 questions.
    1. Content
    2. Design
  10. It's up to you to set a starting votes/ratings even if I don't suggest it. Just be careful. Each vote has maximum 10 as rating. So avoid mistakes (I did it) like 5 votes, 70 points which gives 14 as rating
  11. In case that you want to use BirdOPrey's Sidebar Anywhere in the testimonials page the data that you need are:
    1. THIS_SCRIPT : ratemysite
    2. Template: ratemysite_comments
4.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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