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1.- What's this?

For first is better to say what is not! This is not a Gallery AddOn. Even if I've added the ability to search and list photos by specific criteria, still it can't be used a Gallery. RateMyPhoto is a HotOrNot Clone, where users post photos to be rated by other members. Normally the rater does not knows the current rating to avoid giving the same. Also rating just specific photo(s) is not possible. All photos appear on the queqe even if there is a choice to skip a photo to rate it at a later time. Double rating is restricted.

2.- Features
  • Unilimited (one level) categories
  • Photos appearing in queqe for rating
  • User can skip a photo to rate it at a later time
  • User can select to rate all photos from all categories, or specify a category.
  • Helpful counter on how many unrated photos has the user (Total and by Category)
  • Browsing Photos by specific criteria is possible:
    • By Category
    • Mimimum amount of votes
    • Min-Max rating
    • Post last XX days
    • By Username
    • Show all photos, or photos that user has rated, or photos that user hasn't rated yet.
  • Listing can be ordered by:
    • Rating
    • Number of Votes
    • Username
    • Post date
    • For all above can be Ascending or Descending
  • Special Tab in user profile with all photos that he has post for rating with statistics
  • My Photos section in Usercp with rating statistics and options for:
    • Edit (Photo can't be changed)
    • Hide
    • Activate
    • Delete
  • Sidebar Statistics block
  • Moderator can Approve/Reject/Edit Photos in ModCP
  • Usergroup Permissions:
    • Can View Photos
    • Can Rate Photos
    • Can Post Photos for Rating
    • Photos need approval or not.
    • Can Moderate photos

3.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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