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paradoxbb Multiuser Blog Edition 1.0.0

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paradoxbb Multiuser Blog is the New Definition of Blog. With lot of features (more are coming in the next version) and a Facebook like interface, will moves the water of Blog systems.
  • Most important features (but please check demo or screenshots)
    • Multiuser Blog System
    • Secure Registration with reCaptcha2 only or combination of reCaptcha2 and Email verification.
    • Unlimited Categories with unlimited level of subcategories
    • Unlimited Usergroups with permissions for:
      • Can Post Topics?
      • Can attach Photos?
      • Max amount of Photos per post
      • Can Edit Own Posts?
      • Time in seconds to Edit
      • Can Delete Own Posts?
      • Time in seconds to Delete
      • Is Moderator Group?
      • Is Administrator Group?
    • Ajax Multi Image Uploader
    • Ability to Add YouTUBE videos to Posts
    • Ability for Users to Open/Close/Hide/Activate posts
    • Ability for Moderators to Stick/Unstick a post
    • Powerful Search
    • Popup User Profile
    • Facebook like user interface
    • Well designed View post page
    • Other posts by Author in view post page
    • Similar posts in view post page
    • Uses Smarty Templates for easy customization
    • Uses Bootstrap 3.3.7 version for Responsive design
    • Share to Facebook/Twitter/Google+
    • Facebook comments
    • Users can comment directly to your site or to Facebook page. Everything done automatically. If you share a post (to your timeline, FB page, FB group) then every new comment updates both locations. This is a great feature and don't miss to use it.
    • Legal Pages
      • Terms of Use (appears also in Registration form)
      • Privacy Policy
      • EU Cookies Policy
    • Easy translation to any language
    • Different language file for admincp in case that you want to translate only the public area.
    • Contact Us form with option "Send me a copy"
  • AdminCP
    • For security reasons you can rename admin.php
    • 45 in total General Settings. Among them:
      • You can turn site On/Off with message to visitors
      • You can turn On/Off new registrations
      • Email template for nice looking system emails
      • Send Emails using PHP Mail(), or sendmail or SMTP
      • Facebook Open Graph meta tags
    • Add/Edit/Delete Usergroups
    • Move Members to another Usergroup
    • Add/Edit/Delete Members
    • Ban/Unban Members
    • Search Members
  • UserCP
    • My Profile
    • My Posts with options to Edit/Delete/Open/Close/Hide/Activate
There are some Extra Features/Services available only in my website which can be used instead of Donation or if you need them:
  • Value Pack (25 EUR and then 10 EUR/6mo)
    • SEO Friendly URLs (ETA end of February 2017)
    • Option to use Disqus instead of Facebook comments (ETA end of February 2017)
    • PayPal payments for Featured blogs (ETA end of March 2017)
    • New Usergroup Permission: Posts need appoval? (ETA end of March 2017)
    • Ticketing Support
    • Upgrade to Blog Clients Usergroup
  • Brand Free 15 EUR valid for one installation
Full Documentation

I think that I succeeded to add a feature that even vBulletin was unable to add. Not so much the feature that paradoxbb can works as Facebook tab application but mostly that it works without the appearance of scrollbars, something that I found very ugly. As you can see it shows the full page.

Check paradoxbb in Facebook

Sure it needs some extra css work but the important is that the script works.

Edited: As you can see, and as a way to save space, the sidebar is hidden. You must click the gear icon at the top right to appear.
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