[OzzModz] vBulletin Spiders List Hits 1000 Spiders!

vBulletin [OzzModz] vBulletin Spiders List Hits 1000 Spiders! 2016-09-26

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Mosh had to give up development on the Spiders list due to medical reasons in May of 2010, I decided in January 2014 to update the list, and try and stay on top of it now.
He originally took it over from Dream in 2008 which consisted of 503 spiders. Mosh's list once he was done with it consisted of 644 spiders.
I have added 356 spiders to his list, bringing the total now up to 1000 spiders!

I will try to update this as time allows, but if you should see some spiders / bots showing up online that are not listed, just grab the useragent string and post it here. It is a pretty simple form to fill out, so I hope you will help and report any spiders / bots you see that are not showing up.

I have in the zip file, my updated list, and I also included Mosh's old list, just in case you want to revert bask to it for some strange reason.
To update, simply navigate to your includes/xml folder and load the spiders_vbulletin.xml (out of the OzzModz List folder) in there, overwriting the old list. You will have to do that after every time you upgrade your vBulletin also.

It takes me approximately five minutes to add a spider. This is due to having to check the access logs and various sources for spiders. Then check if they already exist in the XML, if not add them, then simulate them, to ensure they show up properly.

So as you can see, 356 spiders added times five minutes each that is 1780 minutes, or 29.67 hours of work to maintain the list. I do this for free, but if you wish you can send a contribution my way through PayPal.
It is not necessary, nor will I dislike you if you don't so do not feel bad if you can not contribute anything.


Note: This list may not be redistributed at any other sites!

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